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You CAN get started, but will you?

09.03.08 | Comment?

On this week’s podcast, Life Coach Devlyn Steele has been talking about getting out there and getting started. Taking action.

In the question of the week posted today, it opens with a quote that I’d like to take a closer look at:

Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.

- Carl Bard

Wow. That’s pretty powerful! Recently I’ve really had to live the meaning of that quote. Lot’s of personal stuff going on, and my mind would keep getting tangled up on things I wish I had done differently, or “better” or not at all. At the moment I consciously realized that dwelling on my past failures won’t change the past, I was able to focus more clearly on what needed to be done right now.

I think what Bard meant when he made the above statement, and the reason Coach Steele opened the question of the week with the quote is When we think of what we’d like to achieve in our lives, we get caught up in our past failures, or the timing, or what we feel we are obligated to do for others… We push our dreams aside and our “action switches” get flicked into the off position.

Can I let you in on a little secret I gleaned from Monday’s Inspiration Article?

YOU are the person flicking that “action switch” on and off! It’s usually not something you do on purpose, it’s a learned behavior. And that’s great news, because that means you can learn to change it!

Those switches are in our brains. We turn on and turn off, do this or do that, behave this way or that way. The switches run on automatic like train switching stations, switching the tracks, continuing the routines, and keeping to our schedules.

From Coach Steele’s “Is Summer Over?” Article

So, take a moment, a deep breath… Think of a goal you want to achieve. What can you do right now to take action?

There is always something we can do, at this very moment, today to work toward our goals. Once you’ve identified what that single action is…think about how it will feel, how your life will change once you take that first step and complete that single action.

Can you feel that forward motion?

That sense of gratification, and even love knowing that you’ve taken the time for YOU to move in the directions of your goals? Do you feel it? Great!

So don’t sit on your laurel just anticipating that feeling, go take that single action and feel that forward motion, that gratification NOW! Take the first step and build some momentum, you’ve got work to do! :-)

Take a moment and post your answer to this week’s question. Getting it out there in writing will help you commit to actually taking the action.

If you take action today, and start something you’ve been putting off doing… How would that affect your life for the better?

What’s your answer? Post it here.

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