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(Green) Brain Food: The 10 best green blogs on the web

08.04.08 | 6 Comments

Everyone seems to be talking about Being Green these days, but I wonder… How many of us know more than a few cliche catch-phrases, or small talk about being Green? I admit, if you’d asked me that question more than a year ago, I’d have given you a blank stare for an answer.

There’s so much activity these days, and so many things to keep up with that it can be a little daunting to dive in and start learning what it really takes to lead a more environmentally conscious life.

Since we’re still putting the finishing touches on our Free Start Living Green Tools Program, I thought we’d get you excited about being Green and plant the idea in your head that it is inarguably something you must do, not tomorrow but TODAY.

And to get you started, I wanted to share some of our favorite Green Blogs with you.

TreeHugger – When I was researching this article I thought to myself, how am I ever going to sum Treehugger up in one paragraph? There’s just SOOOOO much you can take away from the site! With a section dedicated to almost every aspect of our daily lives (Science, Politics, Fashion, Transportation, Food, Health…and a bunch more) as well as multiple free how to guides ranging from “How to Green Your Sex Life” to “How to Green Your Work,” you could get lost in a Green Wonderland of ideas and how-to’s at Treehugger.

Ideal Bite – Packed with personality and amusing anecdotes usually no longer than a few paragraphs, Ideal Bite delivers easily consumable bite-size chunks of information on living a more eco-friendly lifestyle. Check out the IdealBite blog to kick things off, and make sure when you read an interesting story to click the “Read the Related Tip” link in the footer of that post for the idea behind the “bite.”

The Daily Green – A good friend of mine turned me on to The Daily Green a few months ago when they shared an article from the Green Hacks section of this massive online community of Green bloggers. Other sections on the site include Green Cuisine,Weird Weather Watch (some really great photos come through this section of the site, probably my second favorite part of the site next to Green Hacks), and a really in-depth section with the latest in Green and Environmental news from around the world. There’s so much goodness here that I had to force myself to cut back to more of a “weekly” dose of The Daily Green because I ended up spending wayyyy too much time surfing the site ;-)

Eco Geek – I’m new to Eco-Geek, having only discovered it while researching this article, but I can say this much: I AM A GEEK. If you like your Green reading with a tech twist then Eco Geek is THE destination for you. And with awesome stories like “Plastic Backpack Bags Cow’s Farts” and “JackNicholson Hocks Hydrogen Cars in the ’70’s” you’ll want to add this great blog to your favorite rss reader.

Eco Razzi – I have a confession to make. I secretly heart celebrity gossip blogs. The downside though, is that taking time out to Perez Hilton’s latest diatribe on Britney’s baby dramas is COMPLETELY counter-productive. When I take the time out to read EcoRazzi though… I don’t feel as guilty. :-) Labeling themselves as a “Green Gossip” blog, EcoRazzi lets me get my daily dose of celebs, while also keeping up to date with what they are doing to live more eco-conscious lives. Like this great interview with the talented and beautiful KT Tunstall for example.

Green UpgraderSexy Cars – check. Eco-Friendly Vacation Destinations fit for an Ewok – check. Good for a giggle? – check. Green Upgrader is a very well rounded and insanely good read pretty much any given day of the week.

Groovy Green – Bundle some of the latest developments in Environmental News and Eco-Friendly tips and advice I can use to actually make a difference in the future of our planet and you’ve got Groovy Green. One of the things I like most is the personal enjoyment the authors take from making steps toward a lighter footprint as well as the frequent articles celebrating other’s achievements in living a greener life. All around good reads. :-)

Earth First – Tons of great news articles, regular columns, and another Green Blog with a section dedicated to celebrities and their (sometimes not-so) environmental antics. I’d be surprised if the advice you glean from Earth First doesn’t leave you with more green in your pocket, a safer, greener house and home, and more gas in your tank. (UPDATE: I just checked the homepage this morning before clicking publish on this article and I think every item in the above list is featured on the main page ;-) )

Nature Mom’s Blog – So I don’t know Tiffany at Nature Mom’s personally, but if I did, I really hope we’d be fast friends. :-) She is a very talented writer, and always helpful and entertaining while delivering great news, and advice on being green and the environment. I’m not a father, and don’t have a family (yet) but for those of you that are parents and do care about saving the planet… Give Nature Mom’s a go. You’ll be glad you did.

Jetson Green – The guys and gal at Jetson Green keep my mouth agape… Focused on Green Building and the latest innovations in Green Buildings, Green Interiors and the like, their blogs are rich with photos of homes that … you guessed it, look like they could be something straight outta the Jetsons. It’s not just about the pretty pictures and concept designs though… If you are now, or soon to be in the housing market, definitely click that subscribe button on their blog.

I hope you take the time to check out the blogs above and subscribe to one or two of them. The writers bust their butts to help keep people like you and me in the know, and with all these fantastic resources available to us, we’re really running out of excuses not to be living healthier, cleaner, leaner, greener lives!


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